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We want to hear your perspective. You don’t have to face disease management alone. There is a community of people overcoming similar challenges. Click here to listen to how some of our community’s champions are fighting for treatment.
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Browse IAF’s educational resources to learn about medications and treatment, questions to ask your doctor, and how to advocate for yourself throughout your disease management journey.
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Managing a chronic disease can feel like a fulltime job. Each treatment milestone deserves to be celebrated, but when roadblocks come your way, our team is here to help. Visit the IAF payment resource portal, FAQ section, and infusion locator for assistance. If your insurance policy is standing in the way, reach out to our team for assistance today.
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...I changed the narrative and started referring to my infusions as refuel sessions.

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Real patients share their stories about how an infusion center and reliable access to infusion therapy impacts their disease management journeys.

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As a national voice for patients, IAF aims to offer you the resources and education you need to feel more in control of your health. Learn about the issues affecting patient access and get involved.
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Where to go when you need answers about infusion therapy but don’t know what questions to ask...

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